Burj Dubai Burj Dubai Will Be The Tallest Building In the World when it opens in 2009

Check the facts:

Address: Downtown Burj Duai

Over 2x larger than the Empire St. Building

Will contain world’s fastest elevators, traveling at 40mph

WIll be first mega-tower with elevators programmed for emergency evacuations (comforting)

Will host the Flagship Armani Hotel and Armani Residences

Houses Four swimming pools

3,000 parking spots on premesis

Cigar club (restrictions may not apply)


Observation deck


15k sq ft of Fitness

1,250 total units

Burj Dubai

Armani Flagship Hotel and Residences (living) at the Burj Dubai

Armani Hotel’s SPA spans 40k sq meters

175 hotel rooms and suites embelleshed by Armani ‘Haute couture’ (custom) home furnishings by Armani micro-brand ‘Armani Casa’

An additional 144 residential suites

Cost of a one-bedroom unit at the Armani $4 million

Cost of a two-bedroom unit at the Armani $7.7 million

Burj Dubai

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